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Objectives and outcomes:

  • Set yourself up for Financial Freedom!
  • Access a shared Excel or Google-sheet that benefits all who join!
  • Share findings with a supportive like-minded group of stock investors!
  • Learn stock Investing simplified!
  • Receive support from you Master Prosperity Coach 2x a week forever!
  • Ask as many questions as you would like!
  • Enjoy the journey and stay focused with an accountability partner!
  • Get access to Joel’s powerful rewards system that generates up to 4
  • months of additional FREE Fast-Track Prosperity Coaching!
  • Fast-track your financial success!

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Written Testimonials

Like most people, I know that money and wealth creation play a very important role in the quality of life I have. However, I was very confused as to what steps were needed to create the abundance I deserved.

That is why I started working with Joel!

Not only did I learn the practical steps for successful stock investing, but I also got to embody the inner shifts necessary to make it sustainable.

I now feel more in control, on track, and excited about my financial destiny. If you desire a life where you have control over your financial future, Joel is your guy! 

Tyson Sharpe, Australia

Joel’s coaching has instilled some terrific daily habits that are contributing to higher levels of daily energy and positivity.  I am now confident abundance is coming!  He is also an excellent teacher about investing and selecting winners in the market through a refined logical process that works!

Craig B., New York

“My mindset around money has expanded exponentially…to earn more money. And there is some nice alignment between my new thoughts about money and the experience I am having in my body related to the subject. I think the level of coherence between the two is essential to move forward on a more abundant path and I am so grateful for that.

There are a lot of things that have worked really well for me in this format of learning…

1. I enjoy having the notes and slide shows and tangible things to print out and look over. They really support the learning process.
2. I really love the manifestation exercises and the way that they have helped me stay focused on my goals.
3. I have enjoyed having Joel’s support and encouragement in this new endeavor and appreciate the opportunity to be able to learn about the stock market from someone who is so experienced. This isn’t something many people make accessible and it is such valuable work. Joel’s mission is so admirable and I am so glad to be part of this journey with him.

Overall, I am very grateful to be beginning my career as an investor and am excited for the future.”

Catheryn S., Massachusetts

Joel gave me step-by-step guidance on how to turn fundamental ideas into findings in the financial world.

Joel taught me his proprietary 5-step stock screen. We then found a great opportunity and followed the steps of gratitude and affirmations. It really paid off!

Literally every moment, belief, intuition, and faith are what Joel provides. It’s a 360-degree change since I’ve started with Joel.

Joel is the JFK of the financial world, a true freedom giver!

Happiness is within us: This is a lesson from the statement of “I believe in you!”


Houston, TX

Best Selling Author


Joel Salomon is a Finance and Mindful Money Expert and Master Prosperity Coach who helps others overcome obstacles standing in the way of their financial freedom. He’s an award-winning speaker, workshop facilitator and frequent television and podcast guest who has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Newsday, U.S. News and World Report, and interviewed in Forbes and on Bloomberg Radio. 

As manager of a $700 million portfolio, the creator of his own successful hedge fund and the author of two best-selling books: The 9 Money Rules Millionaires Use and Mindful Money Management, Joel is an expert in the field of finance and the mindset of money. Just as he teaches in his books and seminars, the true foundation of wealth and financial freedom is a mindset of abundance, self-worth, gratitude, love and service. 

Becoming a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer and Trailblazer in 2017, ignited a dream in Joel’s heart to help over 100,000 people become financially free so they too, could live the life of their dreams. He’s well on his way to making that dream a reality! 

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