Mindful Money Management

Memoirs of a Hedge Fund Manager

Joel Salomon

Mindfulness and hedge fund management aren’t mutually exclusive…

Successful hedge fund manager, Joel Salomon weathered some of the toughest financial times in recent memory. He consistently generated positive returns, even in 2008, when the stock market dropped almost 40%. He achieved this remarkable record by applying mindful money management principles.

What does it mean to be mindful? It means being present in your investing decisions. It’s the opposite of the frenzied, fearful rush to trade that characterizes market crises. It’s an approach to financial planning that blends sound investment principles with a willingness to trust your gut. You’ll discover how to overcome adversity with gratitude and happiness and how to meet your financial goals without reacting to every market fluctuation.

How you react when you experience investment losses is essential to your financial success. Do you hover over a computer screen, alert for the slightest downturn in profits? Do you react with panic during market fluctuations and sell as soon as an investment’s value begins to dip?

Salomon uses his own experiences to demonstrate the powerful effect mindfulness has on prosperity.

You’ll discover

  • why you should act as if your goals have been achieved,
  • how to leverage intuition to make money,
  • why happiness and gratitude are important to your financial plans.\

Mindful Money Management is a must read for anyone interested in making smart money decisions. Don’t let fear and stress drive your decision making. Let Salomon’s mindfulness techniques help you prosper. You will get many of the techniques Salomon teaches his clients in Mindful Money Management.

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