Mindful Money Management

Memoirs of a Hedge Fund Manager

Joel Salomon

Book Reviews

Joel followed a path less travelled to pursue a dream that many in the financial community share. While he was successful in achieving his ‘dream job’ of running a hedge fund, the experiences that followed led to a personal transformation and enlightenment that may surprise many readers… His story shares…uniquely personal observations coupled with a great fabric of philosophical insights from other experts that Joel admires. This book will be instructional to those interested in professional investing as well as anyone interested in learning to truly follow their dreams.

Scott Wollney

CEO, Atlas Financial Holdings

Your relationship with money will dramatically change after reading this book. Joel has taken some key concepts, like gratitude, meditation, and happiness, and applied them to money management. Joel is the real deal with a mindfulness perspective as a hedge fund manager.

Andy Dooley

Creator, Vibration Activation

Joel Salomon weaves investment strategy tips and personal anecdotes into this interesting, educational and inspiring account of his hedge fund start-up—a must read for anyone interested in investing and hedge funds.

Kurt Karl

former Chief Economist, Swiss Re

Joel provides an inside peek into what it’s like to start and manage your own hedge fund including the pitfalls. He also walks us through some of his most memorable investment ideas. The book is both entertaining and educational.

Craig Siegenthaler

Wall Street Senior Research Analyst

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