“Stop. Cancel. Clear. Get the Fear Outta Here”

Andy Dooley (Quoted by Joel Salomon)

Our recent guest, Joel Salomon author of The 9 Money Rules Millionaires Use taught us about how we can all shift our beliefs about money.

Joel is the Master Prosperity Coach and often called, “The Money Doctor.”

Your limited money beliefs don’t serve you.”

Joel Salomon

Joel asked us to consider that 95% of lottery winners have less money 5 years after winning than they did the day before winning. He explained why:

You have to have a money mindset first! Otherwise, the traditional processes of getting and spending money may hurt you.”

Joel Salomon

Many people consider financial freedom is equal to 1 Million dollars. Without the proper mindset, the lottery winner wins a million dollars and simply spends it.

If you don’t have healthy ideas about money and you believe the stock market is rigged, then Joel explains, you shouldn’t put your money in the stock market because you’ll probably lose it.

Your money success depends on your belief. For instance, if you want 1 million dollars, but you don’t believe you can ever have it, you won’t. Take baby steps and try manifesting $10,000 first.”

Joel Salomon

Joel tested this theory years ago. He decided he’d think about cotton balls every morning and every night when going to bed.

Three months later while at a park with his daughters, Joel saw dozens and dozens of cotton balls all over the park.

Some of those cotton balls sat on my desk for years after that to remind me I can manifest anything with belief and desire.”

Joel Salomon


If I thought ‘I’ve got to make money, I’ve got to make money’ I’d lose money. When I would let go and tell myself ‘I’m going to make money,’ I always did.”

Joel Salomon
Joel Salomon

You get what you focus on

However, meditation and visualization cannot exclude inspired action. When you feel inspired rather than ‘I have to’ you’ll have fun and become financially free.

Some of the 9 Rules mentioned in his book are BELIEF, INTUITION, HAPPINESS, GRATITUDE, and GIVING.

You don’t have to obey all 9 rules to be a millionaire. Everyone has an aptitude for making money and the ability to thrive.”

Joel Salomon

Joel mentioned 7 money personality types from his first book:

S – Splurgers

U – Unconscious

G – Greedy

A – Accumulators

P – Protectionists

I – Investor

E – Egotist

Which one do you identify with?

How do you shift your beliefs?


If you have dreams and desires having to do with travel, owning a sports car, or even finding a partner you should simply ACT AS IF.”

Joel Salomon

Joel had a desire to travel to Egypt. So, he created a vision board, and screen savers with pictures of the pyramids, etc. He researched cost of flights. He looked at hotels. He decided which excursions he’d take while there and what he’d see.

I did this with the mind set of ‘I’m already there.’ In January of 2022, I travelled to Egypt.”

Joel Salomon

Joel has an interactive course based on his book called How to Create Money Miracles. There are exercises for each chapter, and each of his 9 rules. It seems well worth it for $47.

Additionally, he offers Money Miracle Membership AND 30 minutes of free prosperity coaching.

The course will help you create massive abundance in your life. If you can’t create $50 by attending the course, I’ll give you your money back.”

Joel Salomon