“Financial freedom is being able to spend time (as much as you want) with the ones you love.”

— Doug Nelson



The Basics of Investing

You’ve probably been told that investing is one of the pillars to creating prosperity and financial freedom. As a former portfolio manager for Citi and owner of my own hedge fund, I agree. But I also understand that investing can be scary, even overwhelming at times.

In this program, I take the “scary” out of the equation. I help you understand the terminology that can appear so intimidating I show you how to work with the financial tools available to you. Empower yourself and embrace a life of financial freedom by learning the basics of investing.

This program covers…

 The basics of stock investing including:

 Definitions of terms such as book value, price/earnings (P/E), price/book value (P/BV), discounted cash flow (DCF), EBITDA, etc.
 Peer comparisons
 Fundamental analysis
 Technical analysis

The basics of bond investing including:

 The differences between bills, notes, and bonds
  Municipal bonds
 Corporate bonds
  Securitized bonds such as asset-backed and mortgage-backed securities

 Diversification: The benefits and challenges

 Mutual funds: Active vs passive management and when to use each

 Sector funds and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

 Why (or why not) to use Stop Losses

 The Basics of Stop Options

 Man vs. Machine (the benefits and challenges of AI): Screens

 Upside vs. Downside Scenario Analysis

  Dollar cost averaging: What is it and why is it used?

  Faith vs. Fear

I guarantee that by the time you’re finished with this program, you’ll be as confident as any stock broker.

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