Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.

— Les Brown





Sometimes, the word “manifesting” gets a bad rap. While it’s true that manifesting requires belief AND action, it’s also true that your thoughts create the foundation for the “magic” associated with manifesting a prosperous life.

In this program, I’ll help you understand how to manifest what you want with concrete, real-world results. Here is a breakdown of what we cover:

  What is manifesting?

 How to get better at manifesting




 Vision Boards

 Money blocks

 Faith vs. Fear

 Poverty Consciousness vs. Prosperity Consciousness


 What are your subconscious views on money and how to change those limiting beliefs to empowering ones

 Back to Age 1



 New habits

 Risk vs. Reward

By the time we’re finished, manifesting will take on a whole new meaning and a prosperity mindset will be your new reality.

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