“If you are one of those people who believes that hard work and honesty alone will bring riches, perish the thought. It is not true! Riches, when they come in huge quantities, are never the result of hard work… Ideas are the beginning of all fortunes.”

— Napoleon Hill




This page is dedicated to every person who dreams of being more, doing more, and achieving more. Here you will find many of the quotes and song lyrics that have inspired me.


Recognize and acknowledge your successes. Keep the successes at the forefront of your mind. Every time that you have a success make sure that you celebrate it (even the tiny ones).

Doug Nelson

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

To know and not to do is not to know.

Leo Buscaglia

When in doubt, show up early. Think less. Feel more. Ask once. Give thanks often. Expect the best. Appreciate Everything. Never give up. Make it fun. Lead. Invent. Regroup. Wink. Chill. Smile. And live as if your success was inevitable, and it will be. Happy global domination! – The Universe

Notes from the Universe, Mike Dooley

 Songs / Lyrics

“I Believe I Can Fly”
by R. Kelly

“When you Believe”
by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston

by Shawn Mendes

by Nick Swisher

“Three Little Birds”
by Bob Marley

Vision Board

Vision boards are an essential part of creating the life you want. Virtually every successful entrepreneur uses a vision board to SEE and remind themselves of their desires and intentions. An example from my own life is a passion for travel. Here are some of the places I’ve been – all the result of using a vision board to see myself there and then taking concrete steps to make it happen.