“Financial freedom is spiritual.”

— Doug Nelson




Savings & Budgeting

As tedious and boring as savings, budgeting, and cash flow sounds, having an intimate relationship with your money is the foundation of prosperity. You cannot have a prosperity mindset without knowing exactly how much money you have, where it’s going, and how much you can count on every day.

In this program, we’ll start with the basics and build from there. Here’s what you’ll learn:

 How to Pay Yourself First

 Figure out if you are a saver or spender and why (and determine the same for your spouse or significant other)

 What is cash flow?

 What is net worth?

 Baby steps to budgeting

 Why is it ok to splurge?

 Baby steps to positive cash flow and beyond

 What is your financial freedom number: How is it defined?

 How to become financially free

 New habits

 Credit vs. debt

 Increasing your credit score

 How to move from savings to investing and when

 Faith vs. Fear

 Retirement savings vs. non-retirement savings: The myths and the truths

By the time you’re finished, not only will savings, budgeting and cash flow sound less tedious, you’ll be excited to look at your finances and know that when you love prosperity, it loves you back.

Are you ready? Start with a complimentary, one-hour prosperity consultation session.