Join Joel on the award winning Nice Guys in Business Podcast (more than 3 million downloads) as he discusses many of the key rules in his bestseller, The 9 Money Rules Millionaires Use: Only The Unconventional Ones.


Which of The 9 Money Rules Millionaires Use do you use?

Doug Sandler interviewed Joel about his new bestseller and why he wrote the book. Joel answers never before asked questions about the book, each chapter and the rules themselves. For example, Joel answers why each chapter’s title is written as a question. He also answers the question whether his rules are “science” or “woo!” Joel talks about the importance of writing a gratitude journal. It is not predicated on having a degree or having experience. All it is based on is thinking properly. That is why the book applies to everyone.

Joel explains why visualizing is so important in becoming financially free and reading and actually affirming what you want.

Joel goes into the importance of not worrying (“negative future planning”) and how to use Andy Dooley’s technique on how to stop negative thoughts.

Joel discusses the 6 key steps to visualizing your dreams and desires:

  1. Be consistent: find a place you will do it in every day. Pick the time you will do it
  2. Pick the place you are going to do it
  3. Pick 3 dreams or desires: write them down and those will be the ones you think.
  4. Decide how much time you will do it for (but no more than 5 minutes)
  5. Feel the feeling of your dream having already occurred (As Wayne Dyer said: “Make your future dream a present reality by feeling the wish fulfilled.”)
  6. See yourself in the visualization

How do you use your intuition to make money? What techniques can you us to intuition?

What is a most common obstacle that hangs people up from living this philosophy?

Do you have a prosperity consciousness or a poverty consciousness? Are you focused on the prosperity or the lack and scarcity?

Joel was taught to be very competitive and that if he won others must lose, but that is a lack and scarcity  mindset.

Listen now and see how you too can change their mindset.