“We are born to thrive, not just survive.”

When I began learning about Joel, I was immediately struck by his unique experiential skill set. He has cultivated an interesting balance between real world practicality and an understanding of the subtle yet deep impact of mindfulness and spirituality. The first part made a lot of sense to me, as Joel’s work, experiences, and expertise are in the financial world. This requires a clear understanding of how numbers work, and the real world impact his decisions and guidance can have on people’s lives. The way he fuses those practical skills with the less tangible worlds of mindset, mindfulness and identity are fascinating.

It was obvious that Joel takes this work very seriously, not just in the way he talks, but in the actions he has taken as he’s evolved his unique contributions. He shared his story of working as an actuary, and eventually overcoming some very steep odds to manage his own hedge fund. As impressive as this story was, it was what he did next that really struck me. It was the type of thing Ripple Makers do.

Joel made a decision to shut down his hedge fund and make a commitment to helping one hundred thousand people become financially free. It’s one thing to say you want to help people. It’s another to take the leap of faith required to walk away from a very successful life dream to pursue another. I think that if you choose to work with him, you’ll find comfort in the fact that Joel has walked the path at a very high level, and is now uniquely positioned to provide trustworthy guidance.

For a lot of people, money can be a difficult topic. When Joel and I began our conversation, I was immediately struck by how aware and sensitive he is to the complicated relationship many people have with money. Even better, as we went deeper, we found a whole lot of unexpected common ground In the way he approaches his work.

Joel and I ended up talking about the impact of having a growth mindset and the value of the field of positive psychology to the development of his programs. He talked about working with children and a project called “Cash flow for kids” designed to help them develop a positive relationship with money at a young age. It was interesting seeing so many of the innovations we have applied to learning clearly expressed in Joel’s work.

When I asked Joel what his dream is for his clients, he said “For them to move away from worry and fear, and towards feelings of expectation and fun.” I really like that. So often financial challenges are the cause of worry and fear. It can become a limiting factor in our ability to express our full potential. Joel wants to help solve that. He wants to see us “Feel free and aligned with purpose and being.”

Joel is a good person to know if you want to explore ways you can feel more tuned in to your own potential when it comes to receiving true wealth and abundance in your life. If you like the idea of starting on the inside and exploring the core of how you relate to wealth, and then working outward towards how that expresses itself in the material world, I think you’d enjoy a conversation with him. He is genuine and caring, while also having real world experiences and expertise. 

I feel like this is an area where we could all use a guide we can trust and who is genuinely placing our needs above their own. I believe Joel is one of those people. I think you’ll get honesty and a heartfelt commitment to your success. If you’d like to learn more about Joel and his work, his contact information is below.

Joel’s Website https://www.salaurmor.com/
Joel’s TEDx https://youtu.be/0QgT2FmqmfA?feature=shared