Maximize Your Money!

For the first time ever, Joel is offering Maximize Your Money for only $299 ($199 if you’ve already taken a class with him and are a Member of the Mindful Money Management Community).

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Starting on January 7th at 7 pm EST.

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Class Details:

  • Week 1: Jan 7th:
    • What are the Various Ways to Save?
    • What are the Best Apps to Use?
    • Play the Budget Game
  • Week 2: Jan 14th
    • Spreadsheets vs. Apps (Pros and Cons)
    • TIPS
    • Ways to Maximize Your Money
  • Week 3: Jan 21st
    • How to Pay Your Mortgage
    • How to Pay Your Credit Card Balances
    • What to do when you have more money going out than coming in?



I loved Joel’s class because of the positive energy and enthusiasm he brings. The subject of manifestation of positive things like money is not new to me.

I have read books on Quantum Physics, but Joel presents it clearly and concisely with real examples of how this powerful mindset works. Highly Recommend!

Lou C.

New York

Joel gave me step-by-step guidance on how to turn fundamental ideas into findings in the financial world.

Joel taught me his proprietary 5-step stock screen. We then found a great opportunity and followed the steps of gratitude and affirmations. It really paid off!

Literally every moment, belief, intuition, and faith are what Joel provides. It’s a 360-degree change since I’ve started with Joel.

Joel is the JFK of the financial world, a true freedom giver!

Happiness is within us: This is a lesson from the statement of “I believe in you!”


Houston, TX

Joel Salomon is my spiritual financial coach. For any other person that would not make sense but, for Joel, it is the epitome for what he stands for.  Based upon years of study in the spiritual arts of leading teachers, such as Napoleon Hill and Wallace Wattles and years of experience in the financial world, Joel leads the way in personal and professional growth.  His approach is unique and enormously effective. 

I highly recommend Joel as a financial coach, mentor, and adviser. In addition, I recommend you read his books, The 9 Money Rules Millionaires Use: Only The Unconventional Ones, and Mindful Money Management: Memoirs of a Hedge Fund Manager. He has taken complicated topics and simplified them for someone like me who had little knowledge in the field.

Frank Coppola

Executive Director, Edutainment, Inc.

I have worked with Joel Salomon for over a year and highly recommend Joel for a variety of financial services. Joel has helped me increase my income, my savings, and coached me in future prosperity.

Studying investments and money management with Joel, I have learned the ins and outs of the stock market and how to set monetary goals. Through his explanations of the work of Mike Dooley, Esther/Abraham Hicks, and other positive thought writers I have learned to manifest my own prosperity and happiness.

Believe me, our work together has changed my life for the better and I now have a positive outlook for a long and happy retirement.

Judy L.

New York