The Matter of the Heart with Carol Olivia Adams

by Joel Salomon

What is the cotton ball theory? What did Wayne Dyer say about money? Can you visualize an amount of money that you so desire, or write an amount on a check and see that amount on a check everyday? What does Joel Salomon discuss with host Carol about the manifestation of money? What is the way to make the manifestation of money a reality? Do you know that you have a manifestation muscle? What happens to us when we use the muscle? Does it expand our consciousness so that we will believe that it will happen, that amount of money that we so desire? How strong is your belief system to manifest anything that your heart desires? Joel Salomon conveys many stories and why he is so grateful for his journey.

Joel discusses that money is energy, and to keep it flowing for abundance. He believes you can use your intuition with money. This will guide and empower you more with potential investments. He has a gratitude journal which he feels enhances healthiness in the body. He also discusses the art of giving, a smile, an act of kindness or giving an amount of money to a person in need. What does Warren Buffett do with his money? What did Andrew Carnegie do with his money? Joel Salomon has such financial wisdom and a sense of humanity with his financial career. It’s The Matter of the Heart with award-winning guest, Joel Salomon and host Carol Olivia Adams.