Joel Salomon is a prosperity coach helping people overcome their money obstacles. He is an award winning speaker and chartered financial analyst. Joel has appeared on TV with CEO Money and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Newsday, U.S.News and World Report and interviewed in Forbes Magazine and on Bloomberg radio. He is the author of the best selling book Mindful Management and 9 Money Rules Millionaires Use- the Unconventional Ones.

Can intuition make you money? What does visualizing have to do with money? What can you be grateful for? What are the 9 money rules that millionaires use in an unconventional way? Joel discusses with host Carol how Wayne Dyer looked at money. How important is intuition with the goal of attaining money? Joel talks about the muscle of intuition. He discusses the belief system and how important it is for any goal in life. How can faith replace fear? How important is the law of attraction? Joel has a grateful journey and writes down every day 5 things to be grateful for. He believes gratitude helps him become wiser with money. What did Mike Dooley say about money? Did you know that there is scientific evidence that being happier helps with your immune system? One philosophy Is that life is an adventure, just experiences. Joel thinks that money is energy. He believes that intuition has helped him tremendously when he was manage of his hedge fund.He believes that money is meant to be shared such as a charity of your choice. How can you visualize making money? Did you know that we have 60,000 thoughts per day and that 30,000 of them are negative? Imagine if they were all positive. Wayne Dyer talked about elevating the vibration on an emotional level with money. Does money make you happy or does happiness make you money? What are Joel’s happy habits? What is your belief system with money? Do you meditate or read inspirational quotations all for the betterment of the integration of your mind with your heart. Did you ever realize that intuition has power with the manifestation of money? Listen to Joel Salomon discuss the spiritual aspect of the manifestation of money. He will open doors for you and his money wisdom will inspire you to overcome your money obstacles and go forward with your new money journey. It’s The Matter of the Heart with Joel Salomon and host Carol.